Limited Edition Valentines Boxy Tee - MUSHY saves
Limited Edition Valentines Boxy Tee - MUSHY saves
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Welcome to Blooming Indigo - I’m the owner and maker, Lindsey! Blooming Indigo sprouted from my pregnancy with my rainbow baby, Jude. I spent all my days making clothes and quilts and embroidering hoops and even hand stitching his very own nursery mobile! We opened the shop in 2018 with bonnets and reclaimed textiles, and now we create home goods, clothing, accessories, and more! 
I am so honored to have been a part of so many lives for so many years, watching babies turn to toddlers and on; passing down pieces made from my own two hands, sibling after sibling. Our mission for Blooming Indigo is to make items WORTH wearing! Lasting more than a season (often many years) and more than a trend. Organic and made especially for you!
Thank you for being here with us!